Rules and policies


​​Attendance policy

The Attendance Policy aims to take full advantage of teaching and learning opportunities to ensure student achievement is maximised. The school attendance policy aims to promote 100% attendance and punctuality in preparation for future employment and pathways.

Assessment policy

The purpose of assessment is to provide timely feedback, as well as information about student achievement. Southport State High Independent Public School (SSHIPS) believes that assessment should be aligned with what students have learnt as well as The Australian Curriculum and Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) policies. View the Assessment Policy

Southport State High’s Assessment Policy provides information about assessment expectations, conditions and adjustments, including instructions for applying for special provision*.
Parents/guardians of Years 7-9 students will need to contact the relevant Head of Department. For Years 10-12 students, parents/guardians to contact Guidance Officer for Senior, Josh Neumann:
*Documentary evidence will need to be provided. Please first review the Assessment Policy.

Complaints policy and process

During the course of your children's school years, you may have cause to make a complaint about an issue with your child's education. Education Queensland is committed to ensuring that all complaints are dealt with in a fair and equitable manner. There are processes and support structures in place to enable parents and students to work through any issue that may have. The Complaints Policy and Process document can be viewed here.

Consent to use copyright material, image, recording or name

This media consent form applies to any use, recording or disclosure of the Individual's personal information or Individual work, in connection with the Department of the State.

Enrolment agreement

This Enrolment Agreement sets out the responsibilities of the student, parents or carers and the school staff regarding the education of students enrolled at Southport State High Independent Public School. 

Resource hire scheme

The school Student Resource Scheme ensures that all students have the necessary resources for their education.

Student Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct is designed to facilitate high standards of behaviour, so that the teaching and learning in our school can be effective and students can participate and engage positively within our school.

Student record update form

Record any Student Record Update Form and return in person to the school administration or via email to

Uniform policy

The student School Uniform Policy 
consists of agreed items of clothing that Southport State High Independent Public School students wear when attending or representing the school, travelling to an from school and when engaging in school activities out of school hours.

Last reviewed 10 August 2023
Last updated 10 August 2023