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Thank you for your interest in coming to Southport State High Independent School (SSHIPS) on the Gold Coast. 

Southport State High Independent Public School (SSHIPS) has a proud tradition of extending students through our diverse range of excellence programs which provides all students with the opportunity to perform to the best of their ability and to develop their talents in the academic, cultural, social and sporting areas.

Student centred and focussed on excellence, we are a caring community that delivers outstanding educational training and opportunities for all students.

1.     Enrolment Applications

Applications to any state schools in Queensland are managed by Education Queensland International Department. They will be able to assist you with the enrolment process and fees applicable.  You can find information about how to do this here -

2.     Technology

Under our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy, students bring their own device (laptop/ipad) to school on a daily basis. Expectations are that students come to school each day with these devices fully charged and ready to participate using these.  Further advice on the rules around the acceptable use of information and computer technology (ICT) facilities and devices, can be found here.

3.     Uniform

Pride in the uniform is highly valued by staff and students at SSHIPS.  It is compulsory and is available for purchase from the college at the Uniform Shop on campus. Footwear that is included in the uniform includes black leather lace up shoes that cover the top of your foot, (and which are readily available to be purchased in stores in Australia), white socks with the school name on them and a hat for sun protection.​

4.     Attendance

The Attendance Policy aims to take full advantage of teaching and learning opportunities to ensure student achievement is maximised. The school attendance policy aims to promote 100% attendance and punctuality in preparation for future employment and pathways. If you cannot attend due to illness, you will need to let us know. This can be done via email:  by including your name and Year level.

5.     Complaints and Appeals

You will find our Complaints Policy and Appeals Policy outlined in the Standard terms and conditions. You should always try to resolve dissatisfaction with your school's International department in the first instance. The complaints and appeals process is independent, freely available and accessible at no cost to you or your representative more information can be found here.

At Southport S​tate High we have dedicated staff and welfare team to assist you. A full list can be found on our website here.



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Welcome to Southport State High Independent Public School situated in Southport on the Gold Coast, Queensland in Australia and considered a gateway to higher education destinations.

Last reviewed 10 August 2021
Last updated 10 August 2021