We are committed to providing a personalised learning experience for every student. During student enrolment and at other significant times during the year students are encouraged to explore their interests and career aspirations and to make appropriate subject choices.
Extension opportunities are provided for gifted students; support programs in the areas of literacy and numeracy are offered to those students needing extra input and vocational opportunities exist for students to develop a diverse range of work related knowledge and skills.

eLearn, The Learning Management System at Southport State High School

eLearning is in integral part of each student's day at our school.

eLearn is our school's Learning Management System (LMS) & home of all Southport State High Schools Virtual Classrooms.  

This web-based platform houses over 230 teacher built courses for students to access curriculum and assessment 24/7. 

Each student is enrolled in a specific course for each of their timetabled classes. Each course is a private and secure platform for online teaching and learning. 

The eLearn platform is accessed via, where students will logon, using their current EQ username and password, where students will access:

  • Curriculum documents & learning materials
  • Assignment task sheets & submission points
  • Homework Activities
  • Formative & summative quizzes
  • Discussion and Feedback

Each learning content area is broken into three sections, with descriptions below:

1) Learning Intention and Success Criteria

2) Get Ready

3) Must Do

4) Give Me More 

For more information click here.

eLearning at SSHIPS Youtube Playlist

Contents include:

  • eLearning at SSHIPS
  • What does eLearn (our LMS) at SSHIPS look like?
  • How To: Accessing eLearn on Web Browser
  • eLearn- How to use discussion board for students
  • How to Open a File into Word app from the Learning Place
  • How to Open a File in PowerPoint or Keynote Apps from the Learning Place
  • How to Save and Edit a PDF file on your iPad from the Learning Place - For Junior Students
  • Submitting an Assessment on eLearn -Senior Students
  • How to Open a File in PowerPoint or Keynote Apps from the Learning Place
  • HowTo: Submit a Junior School Digital Submission

Our Big 3 Strategic Priorities at SSHIPS in 2020 are:

  • Critical thinking

  • Problem solving

  • Writing

To maximise student's skill development in these areas, we have developed a series of high impact, evidence based, signature practices, which are used by teachers across faculties. 

To support student's critical thinking, our focus is on explicitly teaching the skills involved with cognitions, with a focus on our SSHIPS Big 6 Cognitions (comprehend, explain, interpret, analyse, evaluate and justify). 

In developing students problem solving skills, we use the POLYA four step problem solving placemat to guide students through problem deconstruction, planning, responding and checking their answers. 

To improve student writing, we have implemented the Stepping Up writing process. Stepping up provides a tool for students to recraft their responses to improve clarity, structure and quality of the response.

Last reviewed 17 August 2020
Last updated 17 August 2020