​​​​​​​Homestay program for students

The accommodation, care and welfare of our enrolled international students is the number one priority for Southport State High Independent Public School.

Homestay services are provided for visiting students who want to experience the real-life Australian lifestyle by living with an Australian host family during their stay. Homestay gives visiting students the best opportunity to practice their English conversation skills in everyday life, while ensuring safe accommodation and a caring home environment. Visiting students often develop lasting friendships with their Australian host families.

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Homestay fast facts

  • Host families are carefully selected from within the school community.
  • All host families have undergone a police check as required by Queensland law.
  • Host families are interviewed and assessed by a trained School-based Homestay Coordinator.
  • Host families receive a comprehensive homestay information pack to ensure their visiting student has a fulfilling homestay experience.
  • Host families provide visiting students with three meals each day.
  • Host families provide assistance to access appropriate transport to and from school and related school activities.
  • Students are responsible for all costs of transportation to and from school and extracurricular activities.
  • Students will have their own individual bedroom with study facilities.
  • Students may be placed in a homestay with a student from a different nationality.

Homestay program for providers​

Education Queensland International invites families to engage in cultural exchange and become a homestay provider for Southport State High’s International students.

Here are some things you need to know about this program.

Southport State High School accepts enrolments of international students from various countries. As part of our responsibilities as the hosting school, we are required to provide homestay accommodation for these students. In preparation we would like to invite families who are caring and eager to engage in a cultural exchange experience to express their interest. We seek your assistance in accommodating students for the duration of their stay. We are looking for caring families who are willing to provide a safe and friendly environment for our international visitors. Successful families will be recorded in the school homestay database and invited to host students upon their arrival; these families will receive weekly payments for the entire duration of their stay.

Ms Dee Siegmeier (ISP Co-ordinator) manages student accommodation. To be a host family you will need to:

  1. Have a visit and home inspection to ensure that cleanliness, appropriate furnishings and facilities are in place.
  2. Complete an orientation program at the school.
  3. Agree to ongoing reviews of the hosting ​​experience including visitation to your home by the school twice a year.
  4. Have a Suitability Card issued by the Commission for Children and Young People. This card shows that the host does not have an Australian criminal history and ensures a safe environment for our students.

Please email Ms Dee Siegmeier at​ if you are interested in supporting Southport State High School's International program.​

Last reviewed 08 September 2022
Last updated 08 September 2022