A Warm Welcome to International Students Awaits you at Southport State High School.

Thank you for your interest in coming to Southport State High Independent School (SSHIPS) on the Gold Coast. 

At this school we are proud to be a community who welcomes a diverse range of students and holds high standards academically, culturally and in a range of sporting arenas as well.  Our experience is that international students very quickly become connected to the community through the:

  • welcoming orientation received, 

  • the assistance from the buddy student allocated to them and 

  • the friendliness of staff and students overall.

Our strong business and university links along with our community partners provide a unique range of opportunities and pathways that enrich student development with real world experience and connectedness.

On arrival you will attend orientation sessions and be introduced to our International Student Mentors who will assist you with your integration into the school.  We have an International Department with full time staff to assist you during your stay.

We are pleased that you have chosen SSHIPS for your international schooling experience.  Queensland is a multi-cultural society and encourages international visitors to come and stay in our spectacular region.  Our teachers are committed to helping you throughout your stay.

Please feel free to contact us for assistance if you have any other questions, concerns or comments to:

We believe that our school will provide you with an enjoyable learning experience and we look forward to welcoming you into our school.

​Student Stories

At SSHIPS we are passionately committed to creating critical, global thinkers who are connected to real world pathways and opportunities.  Please enjoy a few of our student stories which exemplify this.

​​TonyZhu.jpg​​​​​​​​There are many ways in which Southport State High Independent School demonstrates its commitment to the elements of the vision statement quoted above.  ZHU Tianchen, who likes to be called Tony, is one example of this.  A student who has demonstrated outstanding capacity in his Science and Maths subjects, Tony has been given the opportunity to study subjects both from his actual year level and the one above.  Currently enrolled in Yr 11 Chemistry, General English, and Psychology, Tony is also enrolled in Yr 12 subjects of Specialist Mathematics and Physics.  With this kind of determination, it is not surprising that Tony has also asked to be supported to sit the Cambridge BMAT (Bio Medical Admissions Test).  After contact was made with the closest currently registered test centre (The Southport School), that plan is in place for the November session.  We at SSHIPS are proud to think of the role we can play in supporting students to achieve their dreams and connecting them to “real world pathways.”  Look out for Dr Zhu in future years!​

ZHU Tianchen (Tony) Yr 11 student at SSHIPS

​SEE - ing New Possibilities in Subject Selection and ATAR support

Despite our very best efforts to allow our international students a wide variety of pathways in relation the subject offerings, the reality is, it can be difficult to meet every individual student’s subject preferences within one campus.  Southport State High Independent Public School (SSHIPS) has taken advantage of the opportunity offered by the QCAA to sit a Senior External Examination (SEE).  As explained on the QCAA website, “the Senior External Examination is a program of individual subject examinations offered to eligible Year 12 students and adult learners.  Importantly, the results of these examinations, “may contribute credit to the award of a QCE and contribute to ATAR calculations.”

Seana KIM
Kawther ALOMAR

SSHIPS away!!! Creating critical global thinkers who are connected to real world pathways and opportunities.​

Thitipat Bheganan may not be a household name yet, but the young man we call Theo at Southport State High Independent School is on the road to success so I advise you to look out for his name in the future.  Joining us in 2019 as a Year 9 student, Theo is one of two Thai national students currently in the ISP at SSHIPS.  Residing here in Australia with his extended family, Theo is a popular member of his Yr 10 cohort.  His active participation in the Soccer Excellence program has allowed him to make a range of connections with other students and his polite manner makes him popular with his teachers.  Like many international students, Theo had his academic struggles as he settled into school here at the Gold Coast but his persistence has been rewarded this term with a report card showing he has passed every subject this term.  Apart from working with Theo and his family to create subject selection that best suited him, SSHIPS has also supported Theo in his burgeoning acting career.  

After going for a small part audition for a movie he heard was being filmed at the Gold Coast, Theo was surprised to hear he had been cast as the main character.  This has meant working with the school to allow him to attend film shoots which sometimes fall on school days. 

Southport State High School Vision

Innovate Thought. Cultivate Passion. Generate Leadership.​

Last reviewed 08 August 2023
Last updated 08 August 2023