School houses


SSH_Toros_Logo_CMYK_FullColour.jpgThe Southport State High mascot is the TORO Bull. The name of the TORO Bull is generated from the schools values:

Teaching and learning 


Responsible Relationships 

Our community

Any time a student represents the school they are doing so with these values in mind. We give particular importance to the value Our Community.

We see Southport State High as the hub of Southport, where students are valued and cared for, feel they are part of the school and can engage effectively in their learning and experience success. Southport State High School has a rich history, opening in 1916. It has now grown to over 2000 students, with many of its former alumni having impact locally, nationally and internationally. 

To strengthen this value of community, students are placed into House groups when they arrive at Southport State High. These communities within a community, provide another level of connection to the school and fellow students. Siblings are placed in the same House, and children of former students in the same House as their parents.

The four houses are: Bribie, Karragarra, Moreton, and Stradbroke- Each of which are named after the islands that protect Moreton Bay from the Coral Sea. The chain of these islands point directly towards Southport SHS and the Spit, where Moreton Bay begins.


Bribie (believed to be a corruption of the mainland word for Koala- 'Boorabee'. Inhabited by the Djindubari people, broadly part of the Gubbi Gubbi people)  

Colour: Yellow

Mascot: Bears

Notable Members: Joe Engel (surfing), Rikki Lee Coulter (music), Stefan Dennis (acting), Lex Bell (former mayor and politics), Russ Crane (former Navy Chief)


Karragarra (retained its indigenous name, and although the origins are unknown, Karragarra forms part of the islands in southern Moreton Bay of importance to the Quandamooka peoples)

Colour: Green

Mascot: Crocodile

Notable Members: Michael Groom (climbing,) Fred Himler (academics and business), Doug Jones (law)

Moreton (Mulgumpin. Traditional estate of the Ngugi people, broadly part of Quandamooka peoples)

Colour: Red

Mascot: Magpie

Notable Members: Wayne McKewen (surfing), Clive Palmer (business and politics), Johdi Meares (modelling, design)


Stradbroke (Minjerribah. Traditional meeting place of the Nunkul and Goenpul peoples, broadly part of Quandamooka peoples)

Colour: Blue

Mascot: Shark

Notable Members: Larry Sengstock (basketball), Miles Stewart (triathlete), Amy Shark (music)


The TORO House system forms the basis of our wellbeing and pastoral care system. Each student attends a TORO class, which is vertically aligned and made up of other students in their House. This allows students to form connections with students across different year levels, as well as a strong bond with a TORO teacher, who takes the group of students daily throughout their entire schooling experience.

Studies have shown that co-curricular involvement contributes to better academic performance and psychological functioning in school-aged children. Students are more likely to succeed if they feel accepted, valued, respected and included. The House Activities program aims to address all four of these vital components. Being 'House proud' is important. It gives students a sense of belonging, of being a part of a team.

Through these Houses, the students can participate in a range of different activities and House events. During the year, the students participate in the three big House events – House Swimming, House Athletics and House Cross-Country. Every event that the student participates in, will earn points for their House.  These points are tallied at the end of the year to determine the winner of the House Cup- introduced this year (2020)

Other House activities throughout the year include: events from Cultural, Academic, Sporting and Social pursuits.  All students are encouraged to participate in as many House events as possible and to help their House succeed.

Last reviewed 14 January 2021
Last updated 14 January 2021