Students studying a musical instrument are required to participate in an ensemble. Ensembles are offered from beginner to advanced and offer a variety of styles.

The following ensembles are available for students to join.

Southport Singers

Monday 7.25am – 8:30am

Formed in 2018, Singers comprises of students who love singing and would like further choral experience in addition to their involvement with Choir. Singers is auditioned by attendance only – those who show up are welcome.

Chamber Strings

Monday 7:15am – 8:30am

Chamber Strings is our advanced string ensemble, which extends the most experienced players at Southport State High School. This program provides a fantastic opportunity for students demonstrating excellence in violin, viola, cello or double bass to develop their chamber music and orchestral skills. Students are challenged musically and technically, encouraged to develop a love for ensemble playing and are guided to become self-sufficient and collaborative musicians.

String Orchestra 2

Monday 2:55pm – 4:00pm

Students are welcomed to the strings program at Southport State High School as a member of String Orchestra 2. Our 'junior' string orchestra, this group is an exciting chance for young string players to find or develop a love for ensemble playing and refine their music making skills. All violin, viola, cello and double bass players are welcome to experience and contribute to this ensemble.

Wind Ensemble

Tuesday 7:25am – 8:30am
Students studying woodwind, brass and percussion instruments can join a ensemble that suits their ability level. This is the group playing the most senior music in this format.

Jazz Band

Tuesday 2:55pm – 4:00pm

Jazz Band is an ensemble for students who are still in the early stages of learning their instrument. This is a group for students who would like to be extended on their instrument and enjoy the chance to play a wider variety of music including popular and swing styles.

Stage Band

Thursday 7:25am – 8:30am

Students playing alto, tenor and baritone saxophone, trumpet, trombone, drumkit, piano, guitar and electric bass can join the Stage Band, which plays a variety of swing, rock, modern day and Latin styles.

Concert Band 

Thursday 2:55pm – 4:00pm

Our junior Concert Band is another choice for those learning woodwind, brass and percussion. This is an ensemble for students wanting to experience the concert band ensemble but are still learning their instrument.


Friday 7:25am – 8:30am

Any student who enjoys singing is welcome to join the Choir at Southport State High. In addition, we welcome all those who think they can't sing to come along and discover that everyone has a voice and can learn to sing. This group sings a wide variety of repertoire and offers a wonderful opportunity for students to find their voice in a safe and fun environment. The group is auditioned by attendance only – those who show up are welcome. 

Last reviewed 20 February 2020
Last updated 20 February 2020