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Academic guidance and support


Heads of Department

Every subject area has a Head of Department (HOD) that manages the curriculum, assessment and reporting for that subject.  If there are any issues that have not been dealt with at a classroom level or if there are any questions about a specific subject, students and their parents can contact the HOD for that subject.
HODs are part of the leadership team at the school and can assist students with matters regarding missed assessment, class attendance and concerns about workload.
HODs are based in the various staffrooms around the school and students will be given information on how to locate each HOD by their classroom teachers.

Placement Director

The placement director assists the year coordinators with the enrolment of new students and helps simplify the whole process for students and parents.
The placement director interviews all students who present with learning difficulties, special needs, medical issues and psychological issues at enrolment. After gathering data from parents, previous schools and the guidance officer, the placement director ensures each student is appropriately placed in classes that will cater for their needs.
Students who present as gifted and talented are appropriately placed in classes which will help them reach their potential.  Any proposed changes in placement across the spectrum of learning are given to the placement director to ensure the change meets the needs of the student and their family.
The placement director, along with other student support services staff, is located in the new student support services facility on the middle floor of F block, above the canteen.