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Prospectus - low resolution.pdfProspectus - low resolution2116 KB
Prospectus - high resolution.pdfProspectus - high resolution14299 KB
2016 Menu.pdf2016 Menu85 KB
2016 Drink Menu.pdf2016 Drink Menu69 KB
2016 Breakfast Menu.pdf2016 Breakfast Menu9 KB
I4S 2016.pdfI4S 201697 KB
SIU- Southport State High School Executive Summary-2016.pdfSIU- Southport State High School Executive Summary-2016329 KB
Southport State High Alliance Membership Form.pdfSouthport State High Alliance Membership Form135 KB
Southport State High Business Directory Submission Form.pdfSouthport State High Business Directory Submission Form131 KB
2015 School Annual Report.pdf2015 School Annual Report596 KB
Project 2019 Operational Plan.pdfProject 2019 Operational Plan392 KB
Letter to Parents School Fees and Uniform Policy.pdfLetter to Parents School Fees and Uniform Policy295 KB
2017 Uniform Catalogue.pdf2017 Uniform Catalogue698 KB
Southport SHS responsible behaviour plan for students.pdfSouthport SHS responsible behaviour plan for students271 KB
Senior Swimming Carnival Parent Letter.pdfSenior Swimming Carnival Parent Letter473 KB
2017 AIP.pdf2017 AIP83 KB
Menu January 2017.pdfMenu January 201734 KB
I4S 2017.pdfI4S 2017399 KB
Mother's Day High Tea 2017.pdfMother's Day High Tea 2017235 KB
Breakfast March 2017.pdfBreakfast March 201744 KB
Menu June 2017.pdfMenu June 201734 KB
2018 Uniform Catalogue.docx2018 Uniform Catalogue3180 KB
2014 Principal Letter.pdf2014 Principal Letter2014 Principal Letter283 KB
2014 sport sign-up  7, 8.pdf2014 sport sign-up  7, 82014 sport sign-up 7, 859 KB
2014 sport sign-up yr 9,10,11,12.pdf2014 sport sign-up yr 9,10,11,122014 sport sign-up yr 9,10,11,1265 KB
2015 Bus pass announcement.pdf2015 Bus pass announcement2015 Bus pass announcement34 KB
2015 musical audition information.pdf2015 school musical2015 musical audition information146 KB
2015 Stationery Requirements.pdf2015 Stationery Requirements2015 Stationery Requirements128 KB
2016 Required iPad Apps List.pdf2016 Required iPad Apps List2016 Required iPad Apps List455 KB
2016 Stationery Requirements.pdf2016 Stationery Requirements2016 Stationery Requirements378 KB
next-step-summary-report.pdf2017 Next step summarynext-step-summary-report168 KB
2017 Required iPad Apps List.pdf2017 Required iPad Apps List2017 Required iPad Apps List455 KB
Copy of 2017 Southport State High Annual Event Planner(1).pdf2017 Southport State High Annual Event PlannerCopy of 2017 Southport State High Annual Event Planner(1)52 KB
2017 Stationery Requirements.pdf2017 Stationery Requirements2017 Stationery Requirements421 KB
2018 School Uniform Policy.pdf2018 School Uniform Policy2018 School Uniform Policy655 KB
A4 Student Brochure.pdfABW student brochureA4 Student Brochure376 KB
Alumni membership application.pdfAlumni membership application formAlumni membership application44 KB
Attendance Policy.pdfAttendance Policy 2016Attendance Policy389 KB
School info letter.pdfBicycle engravingSchool info letter186 KB
National Office Cash bonus Flyer.pdfcash bonus flyerNational Office Cash bonus Flyer242 KB
Charlie Brown Monologue.pdfCharlie Brown MonologueCharlie Brown Monologue18 KB
Access OneSchool curriculum - assessment plans.pdfCourse outline and assessment planner guideAccess OneSchool curriculum - assessment plans164 KB
Drama audition monologue.pdfDrama audition monologueDrama audition monologue6 KB
Early finish letter Yrs 11, 12 2014.pdfEarly finish letter Yrs 11, 12 2014Early finish letter Yrs 11, 12 2014453 KB
Enrolment agreement.pdfEnrolment agreementEnrolment agreement254 KB
Expression of Interest Flying Start Pilot Program.pdfFlying Start Pilot Program Expression of InterestExpression of Interest Flying Start Pilot Program59 KB
Great results guarantee 2014.pdfGreat results 2014Great results guarantee 2014351 KB
Great results guarantee 2014 - snapshot report.pdfGreat results 2014 - reportGreat results guarantee 2014 - snapshot report289 KB
Great results guarantee 2015.pdfGreat results 2015Great results guarantee 201594 KB
great-results-guarantee.pdfGreat results guaranteegreat-results-guarantee302 KB
High Tea Invitation 2016.pdfHigh Tea Invitation 2016High Tea Invitation 2016292 KB
Introduction Letter Parents Flying Start.pdfIntroduction Letter Parents Flying StartIntroduction Letter Parents Flying Start231 KB
Open afternoon invitation 2015.pdfInvitation to attend open afternoon 2015Open afternoon invitation 20152179 KB
Request to administer medication.pdfMedication permission formRequest to administer medication128 KB
High Tea invitation.pdfMothers Day High Tea 2015High Tea invitation817 KB
NAPLAN 2014.pdfNAPLAN 2014NAPLAN 201414 KB
New senior uniform 2015.pdfNew senior uniform 2015New senior uniform 2015459 KB
Numeracy Booklet.pdfNumeracy BookletNumeracy Booklet358 KB
Parent PTO Letter.pdfParent PTO LetterParent PTO Letter237 KB
PISA_Newsletter.pdfPISA_NewsletterPISA_Newsletter334 KB
Principal farewell letter Jan 2015.pdfPrincipal farewell letter Jan 2015Principal farewell letter Jan 2015127 KB
Principal letter Jan 2015.pdfPrincipal letter Jan 2015Principal letter Jan 2015314 KB
Principal's letter end 2011.pdfPrincipal's letter end 2011Principal's letter end 2011196 KB
QParents FAQs.pdfQParents FAQsQParents FAQs74 KB
QParents instruction guide for parents.pdfQParents instruction guide for parentsQParents instruction guide for parents3943 KB
Doc 06 QParents Registration QRG - email.pdfQParents Registration QRG - emailDoc 06 QParents Registration QRG - email898 KB
Doc 06 QParents Registration QRG - letter.pdfQParents Registration QRG - letterDoc 06 QParents Registration QRG - letter881 KB
recommended ipad apps.pdfRecommended list of iPad appsrecommended ipad apps356 KB
School Uniform Policy.pdfSchool Uniform PolicySchool Uniform Policy499 KB
Senior block exams term 3, 2014.pdfSenior block exams term 3, 2014Senior block exams term 3, 2014524 KB
SSHS smartphone app - subscribing to notices and events.pdfSmartphone app - subscribing to updatesSSHS smartphone app - subscribing to notices and events418 KB
Snr Info Evening Parent Letter.pdfSnr Info Evening Parent LetterSnr Info Evening Parent Letter509 KB
Southport SHS Action Plan 2011 FINAL.pdfSouthport SHS national partnership commitment to literacy & numeracySouthport SHS Action Plan 2011 FINAL15 KB
Southport SHS tuckshop menu.pdfSouthport SHS tuckshop menuSouthport SHS tuckshop menu97 KB
Southport State High School Strategic Plan 2017-2020 (Signed).pdfSouthport State High School Strategic Plan 2017-2020 (Signed)Southport State High School Strategic Plan 2017-2020 (Signed)2708 KB
SSHS Complaints Policy and Process 2016.pdfSSHS Complaints Policy and Process 2016SSHS Complaints Policy and Process 2016432 KB
SSHS staff personal details form (editable).pdfStaff personal details formSSHS staff personal details form (editable)90 KB
StrengtheningDisciplineInformationParentsFactSheet.pdfStrengthening discipline in Queensland state schoolsStrengtheningDisciplineInformationParentsFactSheet168 KB
Student Guide.pdfStudent Guide 2014Student Guide808 KB
Technology agreement.pdfTechnology agreementTechnology agreement264 KB
Wedding Singer.pdfThe Wedding Singer posterWedding Singer1460 KB
The Wedding Singer rehearsal schedule.pdfThe Wedding Singer rehearsal scheduleThe Wedding Singer rehearsal schedule66 KB
Menu January 2017.xlsxTuckshop Menu 2017Menu January 201723 KB