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Homework Centre 2014


Homework Centre 2014

The homework centre will commence operation on Monday of week 2 (February 3rd) and will be open from 3:00pm until 4:30pm in F block rooms F04 and F05. It will operate every Monday and Thursday as per the schedule below.  Students from all year levels are welcome to participate in this supervised program.

For parents new to the school F block is on the eastern side of the quadrangle behind the main administration building. For pick-up, drive in the main entrance off Brooke Avenue and park in front of administration.

Whilst improving the learning of students is our main goal, the safety of all students attending the homework centre is also of paramount importance. To address this matter we have put in place a number of conditions that need to be strictly adhered to.
• All students must sign in. This requires the student to provide the supervisor with their name and class details.
• Juniors (years 7 to 9) must remain in the homework centre rooms until 4:30pm unless the supervisor has spoken directly with a parent or receives a signed note that the student may depart at an earlier time.
• Seniors will be permitted to depart at any time prior to 4:30pm.
• All students must sign out upon departure.
• Students are required to be actively participating in some form of learning. It is not an afterschool care program where students turn up with no work and play games on their computer or iPad.
• Students are expected to work quietly. Groups of students may be accommodated in other nearby F Block rooms if the situation is acceptable. Poor behaviour will not be tolerated.
• Teachers volunteer their time therefore students must respect individual teacher’s availability.

Schedule of Operation: [Remember we operate on Mondays and Thursdays.]
Term 1: Monday week 2 [3rd Feb] until Thursday week 10 [3rd April]
Term 2: Thursday week 1 [24th April] until Monday week 10 [23rd June]
Term 3: Thursday week 1 [17th July] until Monday week 10 [15th Sept]
Term 4: Thursday week 1 [9th Oct] until Monday week 9 [1st Dec]
Any enquiries please contact Greg Kenafake ( or Jade Sleight (