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Chicago - the Broadway musical

Chicago Broadway musical
​Chicago - tickets on sale NOW!
During the course of this year, students of the Creative Arts Academy at Southport State High School have been heavily working on their rendition of the popular Broadway musical, “Chicago”.
Tickets are selling fast. Show time is 6pm, Wednesday to Saturday, 5th - 8th June 2013. Purchase tickets at the school payments office.
A record number of students from Grade 7 to 12 auditioned for roles in the show. The enthusiastic cast of 60 has been in rehearsals since the start of the year, enjoying every minute of this amazing journey as we bring to life the roaring 20’s full of glitz and glamour. With amazing leads and wonderful dancers, Chicago has truly been brought to life by this spectacular cast.
On the streets of the city of Chicago, life is filled with murder, mayhem and jazz. In the search of fame and fortune, the women of this town will do just about anything to get what they want. Roxie Hart, a singer with a dream of being in Vaudeville, commits a crime and soon discovers that life at Cook County Jail isn’t about doing time at all. With a prison warden named Mama, a money hungry lawyer out for all he can get, a husband who will do anything to help clear her name and the famous actress Velma Kelly as competition, Roxie gets more than she bargained for. Southport State High School’s “Chicago” is full of show stopping music, amazing talent and spectacular costumes that will surely ‘razzle dazzle’ the audience.
Director Mrs Kelly Sparke has had an amazing time producing this musical and here’s what she has to say “Chicago has always been a favourite musical of mine that I’ve always wanted to direct and this year, I had the chance. While working on this project, teachers and students have become a family through the rehearsal process and I’ve loved spending every moment with them. I’m so proud of the end product.” From a student’s perspective, I’ve got to say I have had such an amazing time working with everyone and the teachers. It’s been an incredible experience. I’ve had so much fun in high school Drama and I have achieved so much from participating in this musical.
Phoebe Williams, who plays the lead role of Roxie Hart, transferred to Southport State High School this year especially for their Drama Excellence program, and has said that the experience of this musical has “been one to remember. The cast and crew of students and teachers have been so amazing at creating a true spectacle, showing me what the school has to offer. I am honoured to be a part of the legacy here Southport State High School – and “’Chicago’ has been a great first musical to be involved in.”
Getting ready to put the finishing touches onto the show, this experience is a first for some of our new Year 7 students who have been involved in the musical process. Imogene Flynn, from year 7 said that “being involved in a production as big and bright as ‘Chicago’ has opened my eyes to the world of theatre even more. The opportunities available at Southport State High School for the Junior Secondary are amazing – I’m so glad to be able to be involved in a musical of this scale in my first year of high school.”
This production has been a team effort as the Drama, Art, Music, Film and Television and Dance departments here at the Creative Arts Academy have all worked together tirelessly to bring the show to its feet. From painting sets to choreography and filming surprise footage for the production, “Chicago” has certainly seen the whole team get in to get the job done. We have loved working alongside all areas of the Arts; and seeing it all come to life is such a great experience, one that a few of our seniors have seen before. This year is going to be the last for the Year 12’s who have participated in previous musicals Southport High has performed, such as ‘Annie’ and ‘Sweeney Todd’ in recent years. Rebecca Gillingham, School Captain and cast member of ‘Chicago’ tells us her experience working on the show. “This is my last year as a student and captain and what a way to end it! Chicago was an amazing experience for me and my fellow Year 12’s. We’ve had such a memorable time working with the drama teachers and students over the last five years and it has been wonderful. Mrs Sparke has been an amazing director who works not just with the cast, but with the community and other school members. The songs, talented cast and dedicated teachers have made my last musical one to treasure. What a way to go out with a bang!”
So, as you can see, Southport State High School’s 2013 musical “Chicago” is one not to be missed! Come along and see the razzle dazzle of costumes and get caught up in the jazz and intrigue this week on Wednesday June 5th, Thursday June 6th, Friday June 7th and Saturday June 8th. Tickets are on sale now and are selling out fast so make sure you book in soon so you don’t miss out on the musical of the year! Tickets can be purchased by phoning 55 091 220 and are $20 for adults, $15 for students and $10 for children under 10. This really will be a show to remember – so don’t miss out! I can’t wait to see what the cast will take out of this experience. It’s a shame to see it end but the fun and friends I will have after we have finished will stay with me forever.