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Australian Business Week 2018


During week 10 of this term 18th – 22nd June, approximately 100 Year 11 students will be participating in the 2018 Australian Business Week (ABW) program. Students will be working in teams managing their own multi-million dollar retail electronics business with the help of a business mentor. They will experience and learn more about the wide variety of skills needed to run a successful business in the 21st century. Students will learn to work with and respect other team members as they cooperate to complete complex tasks.

“It was brilliant. Totally wonderful, I learnt so much. If only all of our subjects at school were taught like this - hands on, practical and simulating real life. Best program ever done.” Student feedback.
The wide variety of experiences in ABW differs from the usual school activities, allowing students to discover talents which they may not previously have been aware of. Students find that the team-based decisions give them an opportunity to develop self-esteem and confidence, and students have a chance to delve into new areas of interest.
“I have learnt more about myself, and I found skills that I didn’t know I had.”
Student feedback.
During the week students are engaged in an intensive simulation that sees them:
·         Form a company team of ten participants, each with an assigned role in the running of a retail electronics business something like JB HiFi.
·         Learn and apply many of the skills involved in running a business.
·         Run a computer simulation making over 50 business decisions each quarter including purchase and selling prices, product range, store fitout, target market, staff recruitment and training,  financing, dividends and share price.
·         Develop a marketing strategy for a new product or feature of their brand.
·         Design and construct a trade display complete with promotional material.
·         Produce a 30 second video commercial featuring the new product or feature.
·         Prepare a written company report explaining decisions made, the outcomes and the impact on their company’s performance.
·         Make an oral presentation of the company report at a shareholders meeting (an audience of business people, teachers, students and parents).
“The ABW program gave me a once in a lifetime experience that enabled me to engage myself in activities that enhanced my friendships and knowledge, learning about others and myself. ABW develops teamwork, friendships, and work commitment, which overall is an enjoyable and memorable experience.” Student feedback.
More details are contained in the downloadable brochure.